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                          CODE OF ETHICS
      Louisiana Hypnotherapy Organization
                        ratified July 1, 2005

1. Members shall conduct services at all times in a professional manner within a professional setting.

2. Members shall obey all federal, state and local laws and regulations concerning the practice of hypnotherapy.

3. In counseling situations, member gives priority to member's professional responsibility over member's personal interests. Member holds self responsible for the quality and extent of the services performed. All matters between the Member/therapist and Client/Patient shall be confidential. No third party shall have access to information given to the Member/therapist by the Client/Patient.
Exceptions:a) When the Client/Patient has granted permission in writing to divulge private information; b)   Where life is at risk by withholding private information; or c)   By force of law.

4. Sexual activity shall not occur between a Member/therapist and a Client/Patient during the complete course of therapy from the Member/therapist and for a period of at least 1 year after the professional relationship has ended.

5. Members have a responsibility for continuing education in techniques and uses of hypnotherapy, and to keeping up-to-date with innovations in their field of interest.

6. Prior to entering into any professional relationship, Members shall disclose to the Client/Patient the nature of the therapy, the purpose of the therapy, the anticipated length of therapy and potential cost of the therapy.

7. If during the course of a session, information is disclosed that would suggest that a referral or consultation with other professionals would be appropriate, the referral or consultation shall be made if approved by the Client/Patient.

8. Members should have a physician's referral to work with a client for pain management or health problems.

9. Member shall terminate relationship with a Client/Patient when the Member believes the Client/Patient can no longer benefit from continued service.