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Hypnosis: A Dance with Trance
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Rick Landry, PhD is an analytical psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, and counselor. During the past 35 years, he has focused his efforts promoting - "Healing, by using and understanding the laws of the mind". Dr. Landry is the premier designer of personal philosophy and is also a member and Adjunct Professor with the International Association of Counselors and Therapist. He is a current member and President Emeritus of Louisiana Hypnotherapy Organization. He enlightens his clients by perfecting the power of their awareness.


Cynthia Edwards, PhD, DCH, LCSW: Cynthia hails from Fayetteville, NC. She has made her home in New Orleans since 1984. She trained with Dr. Bernel Sanders and successfully completed her PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Conrad Adams. Dr Edwards is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a grant manager with the City of New Orleans, Department of Police.


Email Address: ccedwards121@hotmail.com 



Art Emrich, MBA: Head Coach and Founder, U-Solutions, LLC. Art is certified as a Master Practitioner and Trainor of hypnosis and nuero-linguistic programing (NLP). He has been using hypnosis and NLP to assist clients since 1980. Art is certified by four major professional associations in the U.S. and is a frequent speaker for annual conventions, state, and local orginizations. 


Dottie Ward is certified by NGH as both a hypnotist and instructor.  She has practiced hypnotism professionally since 1998 but has used it personally since her dentist taught her self-hypnosis as a teenager. She owns the Medical Center Hypnosis Clinic in San Antonio, Texas.


Email Address: gr8att@yahoo.com


Flavio Iammarino holds a Ph.D in Behavioral Science with a Major in Social Work and Clinical Hypnosis. He is a published author, motivational speaker and clinical counselor with more than 30 years of experience in the field of personal development and mental enhancement preformance.


As well as a cancer survivor or as he likes to state, cancer conqueror, over the past 10 years Flavio has been working with Olympic caliber as well as professional athletes spanning three continents. He has trained and instructed in the martial arts for over thirty years also involving Zen meditation techniques and holds a 5th degree black belt in Karate.


He is world renowned for his amazing ability to effect profound changes in people within an impressively short period of time. He has been working with patients experiencing post traumatic stress from motor vehicle accidents, and military and law enforcement trauma with great success bringing the patient back to a normal state of well being.


Flavio is also a professional speaker and educator in a seminar setting discussing topics such stress and how it affects the body and mind, the power of being whole and manifesting the life you desire.


He welcomes your call.

"Emotional Health = Peace"

Phone Number: 905-933-3491.



Mark Babineaux, J.D., Ph.D is a mediation-trained attorney in general practice and a hypnosis professional from Lafayette, Louisiana. He is a member and on the advisory boards of both IACT and IMDHA, a Certified Master with IACT, an Instructor with the International Hypnosis Federation, Adjunct Faculty Member of both IMDHA and Alpha University and Vice-Chairman of the Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations. He teaches several hypnosis curricula and his hypnosis practice includes helping individuals and groups overcome destructive habits and fears.  

Conference 2016